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Training Material & Testing Information

Firearms Qualification​​​​​​

Minimum Standards for Handgun​
Minimum Standards for Patrol Rifle
Minimum Standards for Precision Rifle
​Minimum Standards for Shotgun

Radar/Lidar Training Material

The Radar/ Lidar training materials are available to Arkansas Law Enforcement Agencies free of charge.
The course is designed to be taught over an 8 hour period in compliance with CLEST certification.
The course includes the following blocks of instruction:
6 hours - Legal instruction, Principles, Operations, Effects, Case Preparation and Documentation, accuracy and testing, site selection, and Operation of specific devices.
1 hour – Practical Exercise
1 hour - Examination and Critique The lesson plan and power point presentation are below, You may make your own test or contact Pam Sanders for the testing materials used at ALETA.
Pam Sanders can be contacted through email at pamela.sanders@arkansas.gov or phone at 870-574-1810.

Radar/Lidar Operator Lesson Plan

Radar/Lidar Operator PP Slides

Auxiliary Officer Training Material

The Auxiliary, Reserve, and Part-Time II training materials (lesson plans and Power Point presentations) are available to Arkansas Law Enforcement Agencies in CD-ROM format. Please contact Pam Sanders through email atpamela.sanders@arkansas.govto obtain the material.

110 Hour Training Course Includes:

General Information

  • Officer-ViolatorCommunity Relations - 2 Hours
  • Jurisdiction - 1 Hour
  • Police Ethics - 1 Hour
  • Report Writing - 3 Hours
  • Hazardous Materials - 1 Hour
  • Descriptions of Person and Vehicles - 1 Hour
  • First Responder First Aid - 3 Hours
  • Narcotics - 3 Hours
  • Domestic Violence - 3 Hours
  • Barricaded Suspects and Hostage Situations - 3 Hours
  • Law Enforcement Standards - 1 Hour
  • Court Organization and Testifying In Court - 2 Hours
  • Racial Profiling - 2 Hours
  • N.I.M.S. (Homeland Security) - 8 Hours


  • Constitutional Law - 2 Hours
  • Civil Rights - 2 Hours
  • Civil Liability - 2 Hours
  • Use of Force - 2 Hours
  • Criminal Law - 4 Hours
  • Probable Cause - 2 Hours
  • Search and Seizure - 2 Hours
  • Juvenile Law - 2 Hours
  • Laws of Arrest - 2 Hours
  • Traffic Law - 3 Hours
  • Rules of Evidence - 2 Hours


  • Patrol Procedures - 1 Hour
  • Stop and Approach (High and Low Risk Stops) - 2 Hours
  • Responding To Crimes In Progress - 2 Hours
  • BuildingArea Searches - 2 Hours
  • Physical Search of Autos and Individuals - 2 Hours
  • Stake Out and Surveillance - 1 Hour

Traffic Enforcement

  • Traffic Control - 1 Hour
  • Accident Investigation - 7 Hours
  • D.W.I. Detection and Enforcement - 2 Hours
  • Uniform Traffic Citation - 1 Hour


  • Crime SceneChain of Evidence - 2 Hours
  • Interviews and Interrogations - 1 Hour

Physical Training

  • Defensive Tactics - 2 Hours
  • Baton Training - 2 Hours
  • Handcuffing Techniques - 2 Hours
  • Handgun Retention - 2 Hours
  • Crowd Control - 1 Hour

Firearms Training

  • Firearms Safety and Care of Weapons - 2 Hours
  • Range - 14 Hours
  • Total Examinations - 2 Hours

    Total: 110 Hours

Arkansas Court Security Officer Training Material

The Arkansas Court Security Officer Training course material prepared by the Administrative Office of the Courts that meets the training requirements of ACA 16-10-1004 is now being provided by ALETA. A PowerPoint presentation, class handouts, and required forms for training are included on one compact disk. Agencies may request a copy of the material by contacting Pam Sanders at 870-574-1810.

You can visit Arkansas Judiciary: Security and Emergency Preparednessto download the security plan templates.

Autism and Law Enforcement Training Roll Call Training Video

The "Autism and Law Enforcement" roll call training video (21 minutes) has been added to our library and can be loaned to agencies for training. The video provides officers with an understanding of autism and information on how to successfully resolve a call involving a person with autism. The video can be loaned for up to two weeks and can be obtained by written request on agency letterhead.

Jailer Testing Effective January 2004, the 40 hour Jailer Training Instructional materials and exams were revised. Please note that the Academy is tasked with providing copies of the Jailer Training Exam to each agency, which conducts this course. If your agency conducts this training and has not received the updated instructional materials, please contact Dana Wetherbee at 870-574-1810. The exam sent to your agency must correspond with the materials presented.

There are also eleven Jailer video cassettes available which correspond with the material. These videos are for loan only and cannot be copied. For information about obtaining the videos, please contact Pam Sanders at 870-574-1810 or through emailatpamela.sanders@arkansas.gov.

Racial Profiling & Cultural Diversity Arkansas Statute 12-12-1404 (Training) specifies that each agency conduct annual training on Racial Profiling that includes instruction that "stresses understanding and respect for racial, ethnic, national, religious, and cultural differences and development of effective and appropriate methods of carrying out law enforcement duties."

ALETA will provide upon request Racial Profiling and Cultural Diversity instructional materials that are currently being used in the Basic Class to assist agencies.

If you would like a copy of this material, please send us a written request and it will be mailed to you. ​​


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