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The Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training (CLEST) will accept all training certification requests for Dispatcher training. The certification requests should be submitted with an F-5, instructor certification form, and a proposed curriculum. At the conclusion of the training, a completed F-18d should be submitted.  Documentation should be mailed to:

Commission on Law Enforcement Standards
 # 4 State Police Plaza Drive
 Little Rock, AR 72209

Parameters for training to be certified by CLEST generally require the instructors to be CLEST certified instructors. We will, however, accept training requests from nationally accredited entities such as APCO, or training entities certified by other POSTs. If there is a question as to whether CLEST will certify training, please contact 911 Training Coordinator Liz Jones directly. She can assist you in gathering the information needed to receive certification.

The Standards office provides 911 Training Coordinator Liz Jones with copies of all documentation received concerning 911 training. In addition, the updated F-18d will allow us to collect the information needed to add the Dispatchers who receive CLEST certified training to our Records Management System (RMS). In the past, we have not been able to add Dispatchers to the RMS and have relied on manual reports. Adding them to the RMS will create an evolving electronic individual file for the Dispatchers. This will help us provide training information to the dispatchers, agencies, and the ETS Board as required by Senate Bill 977 of 2015. We are excited to be at the place in our RMS to make the transition to this evolving record. You may receive calls from Liz Jones or Sheena Waller in the coming weeks to get the needed information to add Dispatchers, who have completed past CLEST certified training, to the RMS.

If there is not a request for certification by CLEST, training records, attendance records or certificate records should be maintained by the employing and/or training agency. CLEST will only keep records of the Basic Certification Course and any other training certified by CLEST.

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