Office of Law Enforcement Standards


The Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training (CLEST) was created in 1975 for the purpose of establishing minimum selection and training standards for admission to employment as a law enforcement officer in Arkansas. All applicants for law enforcement positions must meet the requirements established by CLEST and complete CLEST approved training to obtain their certification.  The commission is comprised of a director and ten members representing law enforcement, education, and the general public that meet quarterly to review training and certification matters. The Office of Law Enforcement Standards oversees employment, training, and certification requirements established by the CLEST.
Commission on Law Enforcement Standards & Training
Standards Division
#4 State Police Plaza
Little Rock, AR  72209
Phone:  (501) 682-2260
Fax:  (501) 682-1582



Subchapter 1  Commission and Advisory Board on Standards and Training ​Type
12-9-101 Legislative Determinations ​PDF
12-9-102 Definitions ​​PDF
12-9-103 Commission Created -- Members -- Meetings -- Director ​​PDF
​12-9-104 Commission's Powers Generally ​​PDF
12-9-105 Employees ​​PDF
​12-9-106 Selection and Training Requirements -- Exceptions ​​PDF
​12-9-107 Training Programs ​​PDF
12-9-108 ​Failure to Meet Qualifications -- Effect -- Exemptions ​​PDF
12-9-109 ​Legal Counsel ​​PDF
​12-9-110 Training of civilians to file parking violations and traffic accident reports ​PDF
12-9-111 Uniforms ​PDF
12-9-112 County Sheriff as Law Enforcement Officer ​PDF
12-9-113 Domestic Violence Training ​PDF
​12-9-114 Training Concerning Sexual Assaults ​PDF
12-9-115 Training for Constables ​PDF
​12-9-116 Persons with Disabilities Training ​PDF
Subchapter 2  ​Law Enforcement Training Academy                                                                                   Type
​12-9-201 Establishment ​PDF
12-9-202 Location of Academy ​PDF
12-9-203 Acceptance of gifts, grants, etc. -- Disposition ​PDF
​12-9-204 Academy instructors -- Law enforcement powers ​PDF
12-9-205 Approval of applications ​PDF
​12-9-206 Expenses furnished by academy -- Exceptions ​PDF
​12-9-207 ​Unopposed candidates for county sheriff ​PDF
​12-9-208 State Capitol Police -- Training course ​PDF
​12-9-209 Counties, cities, etc. -- Reimbursement for training costs ​PDF
12-9-210 Designated law enforcement agencies ​PDF
​12-9-211 Private college or university law enforcement officers ​PDF


​ ​Subchapter 3  Auxiliary Law Enforcement Officers ​Type
​12-9-301 ​Definitions ​PDF
​12-9-302 Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training -- Powers and duties ​PDF
​12-9-303 Authority of officers ​PDF
​12-9-304 Appointment and training requirements ​PDF
​12-9-305 Failure to meet standards -- Actions by private citizens ​PDF
12-9-306 Number restricted ​PDF
​12-9-307 ​Benefits ​PDF
​12-9-308 Liability of law enforcement agency and political subdivision ​PDF
​ ​Subchapter 4  Radar Instructors and Operators ​Type
​12-9-401 ​Definitions ​PDF
12-9-402 Powers and duties of the commission ​PDF
​12-9-403 Appointment and training ​PDF
​12-9-404 Failure to meet standards ​PDF
​ ​Subchapter 6  Law Enforcement Officer Employment, Appointment, or Seperation ​Type
​12-9-601 ​Definitions ​PDF
​12-9-602 Notice of employment, appointment, or separation--Responce by the law enforcement officer--Duty of commission ​PDF
​12-9-603 Certification review ​PDF
​ ​Other ​Type
​4-75-714 Enforcement Agents ​PDF
​12-12-1404 ​Training ​PDF
​12-15-201 Definitions ​PDF
12-15-202 Eligibility to carry concealed handgun ​PDF
​14-15-308 Training and instruction ​PDF
​16-10-1004 Court security officers ​PDF
19-6-822 Fallen Law Enforcement Officers Beneficiary Fund ​PDF
​25-17-304 Appointment and removal of institutional law enforcement officers ​PDF



# Title Type
1000 Objectives PDF
1001 Definitions PDF
1002 Minimum Standards for Employment or Appointment PDF
1003 Probationary Period PDF
1004 College Education Credits PDF
1005 Minimum Standards for Training PDF
1006 Extension of Time Limit for Course Completion PDF
1007 Examinations PDF
1008 Waiver for Equivalent Training-Reciprocity PDF
1009 Personnel Action Reports PDF
1010 Certification of Law Enforcement Officers PDF
1011 Certification of Auxiliary Law Enforcement Officers PDF
1012 Certification of Part-Time Officer I and Part-Time Officer II PDF
1013 Certification of Specialized Police Personnel PDF
1014 Certification of Field Training Officers PDF
1015 Certification of Radar Operators & Instructors PDF
1016 Certification of Instructors PDF
1017 Certification of Schools or Courses PDF
1018 Curriculum PDF
1019 Training Records PDF
1020 Code of Ethics PDF
1021 Director PDF
1022 Miscellaneous Activities of the Commission PDF
1023 Commission Publications PDF
1024 Right to Amend PDF
1025 Retired Officer's Right to Carry Weapon
1026 Arkansas State Standard for Firearms Training and Qualification ​PDF
1027 Certification of Civil Traffic Wardens ​PDF
1028 Certification of Law Enforcement Canines ​PDF
1029 Decertification of Law Enforcement Canines ​PDF
1030 Certification of Law Enforcement Canine Certifying Official ​PDF
1031 Decertification of Law Enforcement Canine Certifying Official
1032 Retired Officer Elected as Constable ​PDF
1033 Marijuana Leaf Field Test Technician ​PDF
Regulations Markup Copy ​PDF


# Title Type
*S-1 Citizenship and Age Verification PDF
*S-2 Fingerprint Record Check PDF
*S-3 The Background Investigation PDF
*S-4 High School Education PDF
*S-5 Physical Examination PDF
*S-6 Personal Interview PDF
*S-7 Psychological Examination PDF
*S-8 College Education Credits PDF
*S-9 The Basic Police Training Course PDF
S-10 The Supervisory Course PDF
S-11 The Middle Management Course PDF
S-12 The Executive Course PDF
S-13 The Refresher Course PDF
S-14 The Specialized Courses PDF
S-15 Certification of Law Enforcement Officers PDF
S-16 Certification of Instructors PDF
S-17 Certification of Police Traffic Radar Operators and Instructors PDF
S-18 Certification of Schools or Courses PDF
S-19 Certification of Field Training Officers PDF
S-20 Certification of Specialized Police Personnel PDF
S-21 The Law Enforcement Code of Ethics PDF
​S-22 Certification of Marijuana Leaf Field Test Technician ​PDF
Specifications Markup Copy ​PDF
Regulations and Specifications Change Summary ​PDF

* Copies of the documents used for verification will be retained by the employing agency and must be available for examination at any reasonable time by representatives of the Commission.


# Title Type
F-1 Initial Employment Report PDF
F-2 Medical Examination Report PDF
F-2a Medical History Questionnaire PDF
F-2b Confirmation of Psychological Evaluation PDF
F-3 Personal History Statement PDF
F-4 Personnel Change-In-Status Report PDF
F-4a Personnel Separation Notice PDF
F-5 Application for Certification of a Course PDF
F-6 Notice of Course Completion PDF
F-7 Application for Award of Law Enforcement Officer Certificate PDF
F-7a Application for Award of Police Chief Certificate PDF
F-8 Application for Award of Law Enforcement Instructor Certificate PDF
F-10 Education and Training Record PDF
F-11 Qualifications Appraisal Guide PDF
F-12 Application for Award of Field Training Officer Certificate PDF
F-18 Attendance Roster PDF
F-18d Telecommunications Attendance Roster ​PDF