Beginning with Basic Police Training Class 2013-C student uniform requirements will be changed to require students to wear khaki colored tactical/cargo style pants rather than ALETA issued camouflage BDU style pants.  ​This change will allow students to wear clothing that fits better and to dress in a manner more consistent with attire worn in their communities.
To make this change possible, students will be required to furnish their own pants while training.  It is recommended that students have at least three pairs of pants that meet or are comparable to the following brands/styles:

1. 511 Tactical TDU pants. Taclite, Twill, or Ripstop styles are acceptable.
2. Propper F5220
3. Tru Spec BDU

The pants should be the appropriate length to be worn outside the boot and will not be worn bloused at the top of the boots.
In addition, ALETA will no longer loan sweatshirts and students should bring appropriate attire for cooler weather.

​Title ​Type
ALETA Application ​PDF
Firearms Information Form ​PDF
Uniform Size Form ​PDF
Physical Training Form ​PDF
ACC Physical Training Form ​PDF
ALETA Waiver Liability and Records Form ​PDF

All fields of the application must be completed and legible before the application can be processed.